Anger Management

At some point or another we have experienced anger. Either from a relative, spouse, friend, co-worker, boss, peer, classmate, or teacher.
Anger is an intense emotion that goes deeper than just being sad. It is a hostile response to a perceived provocation, threat or hurt. Typically anger happens when our personal boundaries are being violated or challenged. When experiencing anger your body may feel increase in heart rate, increased levels of adrenaline, elevated blood pressure. This powerful emotion is sometimes used as a protective mechanism to hide fear, sadness or hurt. If you feel you or someone you know needs help managing their anger give us a call (386) 968-2500.

Anger Triggers

    • Work frustration
    • School Problems
    • Relationship Disputes
    • Family Disagreements
    • Road Rage
    • Being bullied
    • Being ignored
    • Losing at a game/sport
    • Feeling less cared about than a sibling
    • Getting scolded or yelled at
    • Being ridiculed around peers
    • Name calling, whether personal or directed at loved ones
    • Having rumours spread about them

    anger managment